China best Worm Spur Spiral Bevel Helical Gear Pinion Rack Drive Roller Conveyor Chain Sprocket Wheel Taper Lock Bush Idler V Belt Sheave Steel Timing Pulley Coupling

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Worm Spur Spiral Bevel Helical Gear Pinion Rack Drive Roller Conveyor Chain Sprocket Wheel Taper Lock Bush Idler V Belt Sheave Steel Timing Pulley Coupling

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1.Provide documentation: CAD, DWG, DXF, PDF,3D model ,STEP, IGS, PRT
2. Quote: We will give you the best price within 24 hours
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European standard sprockets

DIN stock bore sprockets & plateheels

03B-1 04B-1 05B-1-2 06B-1-2-3 081B-1 083B-1/084B-1 085B-1 086B-1 08B-1-2-3 10B-1-2-3 12B-1-2-3 16B-1-2-3 20B-1-2-3 24B-1-2-3
28B-1-2-3 32B-1-2-3

03A-1 04A-1 05A-1-2 06A-1-2-3 081A-1 083A-1/084A-1 085A-1 086A-1 08A-1-2-3 10A-1-2-3 12A-1-2-3 16A-1-2-3 20A-1-2-3 24A-1-2-3
28A-1-2-3 32A-1-2-3

DIN finished bore sprockets

06B-1 08B-1 10B-1 12B-1 16B-1 20B-1

stainless steel sprockets

06B-1 08B-1 10B-1 12B-1 16B-1

taper bore sprockets

3/8″×7/32″ 1/2″×5/16″ 5/8″×3/8″ 3/4″×7/16″ 1″×17.02mm 1 1/4″×3/4″

cast iron sprockets

06B-1-2-3 081B-1 083B-1/084B-1 085B-1 086B-1 08B-1-2-3 10B-1-2-3 12B-1-2-3 16B-1-2-3 20B-1-2-3 24B-1-2-3

platewheels for conveyor chain

20×16mm 30×17.02mm P50 P75 P100

table top wheels


idler sprockets with ball bearing

8×1/8″ 3/8″×7/32″ 1/2″×1/8″ 1/2″×3/16″ 1/2″×5/16″ 5/8″×3/8″ 5/8″×3/8″ 5/8″×3/8″ 3/4″×7/16″ 3/4″×7/16″ 1″×17.02mm 1 1/4″×3/4″

double simplex sprockets

06B-1 08B-1 10B-1 12B-1 16B-1

American standard sprockets

ASA stock bore sprockets

-2 35-3 -2 40-3 50 50-2-50-3 60 60-2 60-3 80-80-2 80-3 100 100-2 100-3 120 120-2 120-3 140 140-2 160 160-2 180 200
200-2 240

finished bore sprockets

stainless steel sprockets


double single sprockets&single type Csprockets

taper bore sprockets

35 35-2 -2 50 50-2 60 60-2 80 80-2

double pitch sprockets

2040/2042 2050/2052 2060/2062 2080/2082

sprockets with split taper bushings

40-2 40-3 50 50-2 50-3 60 60-2 60-3 80 80-2 80-3 100 100-2 120 120-2

sprockets with QD bushings

35 35-1 35-2 -2 40-3 50 50-2 50-3 60 60-2 60-3 80 80-2 80-3 100 100-2 100-3

Japan standard sprockets

JIS stock sprockets

140 160

finished bore sprockets

FB25B FB35B FB40B FB50B FB60B FB80B FB100B FB120B

double single sprockets

40SD 50SD 60SD 80SD 100SD

double pitch sprockets

speed-ratio sprockets

C3B9N C3B10N C4B10N C4B11 C4B12 C5B10N C5B11 C5B12N C6B10N C6B11 C6B12

idler sprockets

35BB20H 40BB17H 40BB18H 50BB15H 50BB17H 60BB13H 60BB15H 80BB12H

table top sprockets







European Standard V-belt Pulley

American Standard V-belt Pulley

AK/AKH series sheaves
BK/BKH series sheaves
TA/TB/TC series sheaves
B/C/D series
3V/5V/8V series

Timing pulley:
The timing pulley can be customized according to your requirements or drawings


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Standard Or Nonstandard: Standard
Application: Motor, Electric Cars, Motorcycle, Machinery, Marine, Agricultural Machinery, Car
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Manufacturing Method: Cut Gear
Toothed Portion Shape: Worm/Spur/Helical/Bevel
Material: Custom Made
US$ 9999/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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wheel sprocket

How to Identify and Troubleshoot Common Issues with Wheels and Sprockets

Identifying and troubleshooting common issues with wheels and sprockets can help you maintain their proper functioning and prevent potential problems. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Abnormal Noise: If you notice unusual noise during operation, it could indicate misalignment, worn sprockets, or a loose chain. Check for any loose bolts or fasteners and ensure proper alignment of the sprockets.
  • Chain Slippage: Chain slippage can occur due to insufficient tension or worn-out sprocket teeth. Check the chain tension and adjust it to the recommended level. Inspect the sprocket teeth for signs of wear and replace them if necessary.
  • Uneven Wear: Uneven wear on the sprocket teeth can be a result of misalignment or a worn-out chain. Check the alignment of the sprockets and adjust as needed. If the chain is stretched or has damaged links, replace it with a new one.
  • Excessive Vibration: Excessive vibration may be caused by imbalanced wheels or misaligned sprockets. Check for any bent or damaged wheels and ensure proper alignment of the sprockets.
  • Chain Skipping: If the chain skips over the sprocket teeth during operation, it could be due to worn sprocket teeth or a loose chain. Inspect the sprocket teeth for signs of wear and replace them if necessary. Adjust the chain tension to the proper level.
  • Chain Jamming: Chain jamming can occur if there is debris or dirt between the chain and sprockets. Clean the chain and sprockets thoroughly to remove any obstructions.
  • Excessive Chain Wear: Regularly inspect the chain for signs of wear, such as elongation, damaged links, or rust. Replace the chain if it is significantly worn to avoid damage to the sprockets.
  • Overheating: Overheating can be caused by high friction between the chain and sprockets or improper lubrication. Ensure proper lubrication and check for any misalignment or tight spots in the system.

By identifying these common issues and performing regular inspections, you can troubleshoot problems early on and take appropriate corrective measures, ensuring the smooth operation and longevity of the wheel sprocket assembly.

wheel sprocket

Choosing the Right Material for a Sprocket to Ensure Longevity

Choosing the right material for a sprocket is crucial to ensure its longevity and reliable performance in a given application. The material selection depends on various factors such as load, speed, operating environment, and budget. Here are some common materials used for sprockets and their considerations:

  • Steel: Steel sprockets are widely used in a wide range of applications due to their excellent strength, durability, and wear resistance. They are suitable for heavy-duty and high-speed operations. Different grades of steel, such as carbon steel or alloy steel, offer varying levels of hardness and strength.
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel sprockets are preferred when corrosion resistance is essential, making them suitable for applications where the sprocket is exposed to moisture, chemicals, or outdoor elements. They are commonly used in food processing, pharmaceutical, and marine industries.
  • Cast Iron: Cast iron sprockets offer good wear resistance and are often used in low to medium-speed applications. They are cost-effective and provide excellent performance in less demanding conditions.
  • Plastics: Plastic sprockets are lightweight and corrosion-resistant. They are commonly used in applications where low noise, self-lubrication, and resistance to chemicals or moisture are required. However, they have limited load-carrying capacity and may not be suitable for heavy-duty applications.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum sprockets are lightweight and commonly used in applications where weight reduction is critical, such as aerospace and certain machinery. However, they are not as durable as steel sprockets and are not suitable for high loads or harsh environments.

When choosing the right material for a sprocket, consider the following:

  • Load Capacity: Select a material that can handle the expected loads in the application without deforming or wearing excessively.
  • Speed: Higher speeds may require materials with better heat dissipation and wear resistance.
  • Environment: Consider factors such as moisture, chemicals, temperature, and outdoor exposure. Choose a material with suitable corrosion resistance and resilience to environmental conditions.
  • Maintenance: Some materials may require more frequent maintenance or lubrication to ensure longevity.
  • Cost: Balance the material’s performance with the budget constraints of the project.

It’s essential to consult with sprocket manufacturers or material experts to determine the most appropriate material for your specific application. They can provide valuable insights and recommendations based on your requirements, helping to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the sprocket in your machinery or equipment.

wheel sprocket

Common Applications of Wheels and Sprockets in Machinery

Wheels and sprockets are crucial components used in various machinery and mechanical systems for power transmission, motion control, and mechanical advantage. Some common applications include:

1. Vehicles:

Wheels and sprockets are extensively used in vehicles, including automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, and even heavy-duty trucks and construction equipment. Sprockets and chains are commonly found in motorcycles and bicycles for power transmission from the engine or pedals to the wheels.

2. Industrial Machinery:

In industrial settings, wheels and sprockets play a vital role in conveyor systems, where they are used to move materials or products along a production line. Sprockets are also employed in various machinery to transfer rotational motion and power between components.

3. Agricultural Equipment:

Agricultural machinery often relies on wheels and sprockets for functions such as driving tractors, operating harvesting equipment, and propelling irrigation systems.

4. Robotics:

Wheels and sprockets are commonly used in robotic systems to provide mobility and movement capabilities. Sprockets and chains or belts are used in robotic arms and joints to facilitate precise and controlled motion.

5. Material Handling:

Conveyor systems in warehouses and distribution centers utilize wheels and sprockets to move packages, products, and materials efficiently. The sprockets engage with conveyor chains to create a continuous loop for material transport.

6. Mining and Construction:

In heavy industries like mining and construction, large machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, and cranes utilize wheels and sprockets for propulsion and movement. Tracks with sprockets are commonly used in these applications for enhanced traction and stability.

7. Factory Automation:

In automated manufacturing processes, wheels and sprockets are employed in robotic arms and assembly line systems to control movement and manipulate objects with precision.

8. Renewable Energy:

In wind turbines, wheels and sprockets are used to convert the rotational motion of the blades into electrical energy by driving the generator.

These are just a few examples of the diverse applications of wheels and sprockets in machinery and mechanical systems. Their versatility, efficiency, and ability to provide mechanical advantage make them essential components in various industries.

China best Worm Spur Spiral Bevel Helical Gear Pinion Rack Drive Roller Conveyor Chain Sprocket Wheel Taper Lock Bush Idler V Belt Sheave Steel Timing Pulley Coupling  China best Worm Spur Spiral Bevel Helical Gear Pinion Rack Drive Roller Conveyor Chain Sprocket Wheel Taper Lock Bush Idler V Belt Sheave Steel Timing Pulley Coupling
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