China manufacturer 05A10/05B10 Series Plate/Bossed Roller Chain Sprockets for Wheel/Car/Gear/Agriculture/Construction Machine/Motorcycle

Product Description

 Granville Electrical & Mechanical Company Limited

Chain, Sprocket & Pulley
01 Introduction
>Granville supply a vast range of power transmission products.
>We have the ability to keep target inventory and manufacture made to order products to meet the needs of any specific application.
>We offer exceptional delivery times on stock and made-to-order products.
02 Applications:

1 Driving system
2 Sand and CZPT quarries
3 Pulp and paper industry
4 Food and beverage
5 Oil and gas
6 Metals
7 Mining, mineral processing and cement
8 Unit packaging, and recycling

GIL Sprockets

>>GIL Sprocket, sprocket-wheel, or chain-wheel are gear-like toothed cogs that mesh with chains, tracks, or conveyors to provide motion and are an integral part of any power transmission mechanism. A necessary element of machinery in many industries such as manufacturing, mining, marine, agriculture, automotive, etc

Why Choose Us
>GIL offers all ranges of sprockets in both American (ANSI) and British Standard (BS) roller and conveyor chains, as well as simplex, duplex, or triplex styles.
>We manufacture all types of industrial sprockets through our state-of-the-art machines. We supply Bored and Keyed sprockets, Bossed Sprockets, Hardened-Teeth Sprockets, Pilot Bore Plate Wheels, Plain Bored Sprockets, Taper Lock Sprockets, Special Sprockets, Weld Fit Sprockets, and Custom Designs. 
>We are experienced in working with OEM requirements and can offer tailored services and special indent orders to suit your equipment needs.

1 Roller Chain Sprockets
2 Metric Roller Chain Sprockets
3 Engineering Class Sprokets
4 Idler Sprockets
5 800 Series Sprockets

>> 05B Chain 
Size 05B chain is the third smallest British Standard roller chain made. Because of this, high-precision tolerances are necessary not only for manufacturing the chain but for manufacturing the sprockets as well. Our sprockets are made with these high-precision tolerances using state of the art modern equipment, they are also constructed out of high-quality high-strength steel so not only are the 05B sprockets effectively high-performance, they also out-last other brands.

>> 05B Chain A Type Sprockets

Sprocket Size Tooth Count Outside Diameter (OD) Pitch Diameter (PD) Stock Bore (ID) Thickness (T) Weight (kg)
05A8 8 24.0mm 20.90mm 6mm 2.8mm 0.006
05A9 9 26.6mm 23.39mm 6mm 2.8mm 0.007
05A10 10 29.2mm 25.89mm 8mm 2.8mm 0.009
05A11 11 31.7mm 28.39mm 8mm 2.8mm 0.011
05A12 12 34.2mm 30.91mm 8mm 2.8mm 0.571
05A13 13 36.7mm 33.42mm 8mm 2.8mm 0.018
05A14 14 39.2mm 35.95mm 8mm 2.8mm 0.019
05A15 15 41.7mm 38.48mm 8mm 2.8mm 0.571
05A16 16 44.3mm 41.01mm 8mm 2.8mm 0.571
05A17 17 46.8mm 43.53mm 8mm 2.8mm 0.571
05A18 18 49.3mm 46.07mm 8mm 2.8mm 0.026
05A19 19 51.9mm 48.61mm 8mm 2.8mm 0.031
05A20 20 54.4mm 51.14mm 8mm 2.8mm 0.038
05A21 21 57.0mm 53.67mm 8mm 2.8mm 0.040
05A22 22 59.5mm 56.21mm 8mm 2.8mm 0.045
05A23 23 62.0mm 58.75mm 8mm 2.8mm 0.050
05A24 24 64.6mm 61.29mm 8mm 2.8mm 0.060
05A25 25 67.5mm 63.83mm 8mm 2.8mm 0.066
05A26 26 69.5mm 66.37mm 10mm 2.8mm 0.068
05A27 27 72.2mm 68.91mm 10mm 2.8mm 0.076
05A28 28 74.8mm 71.45mm 10mm 2.8mm 0.080
05A29 29 77.3mm 73.99mm 10mm 2.8mm 0.085
05A30 30 79.8mm 76.53mm 10mm 2.8mm 0.087
05A31 31 82.4mm 79.08mm 10mm 2.8mm 0.090
05A32 32 84.9mm 81.61mm 10mm 2.8mm 0.093
05A33 33 87.5mm 84.16mm 10mm 2.8mm 0.108
05A34 34 90.0mm 86.70mm 10mm 2.8mm 0.120
05A35 35 92.5mm 89.24mm 10mm 2.8mm 0.125
05A36 36 95.0mm 91.79mm 10mm 2.8mm 0.130
05A37 37 97.6mm 94.33mm 10mm 2.8mm 0.145
05A38 38 100.2mm 96.88mm 10mm 2.8mm 0.160
05A39 39 102.7mm 99.42mm 10mm 2.8mm 0.180
05A40 40 105.2mm 101.97mm 10mm 2.8mm 0.200
05A41 41 107.8mm 104.51mm 12mm 2.8mm 0.170
05A42 42 110.4mm 107.05mm 12mm 2.8mm 0.185
05A43 43 112.9mm 109.60mm 12mm 2.8mm 0.200
05A44 44 115.5mm 112.14mm 14mm 2.8mm 0.210
05A45 45 118.0mm 114.69mm 12mm 2.8mm 0.220
05A46 46 120.6mm 117.23mm 12mm 2.8mm 0.240
05A47 47 123.1mm 119.77mm 12mm 2.8mm 0.251
05A48 48 125.6mm 122.32mm 12mm 2.8mm 0.270
05A49 49 128.2mm 124.86mm 12mm 2.8mm 0.320
05A50 50 130.7mm 127.41mm 12mm 2.8mm 0.340
05A51 51 133.3mm 129.95mm 14mm 2.8mm 0.380
05A52 52 135.8mm 132.49mm 14mm 2.8mm 0.360
05A53 53 138.4mm 135.04mm 14mm 2.8mm 0.375
05A54 54 140.9mm 137.59mm 14mm 2.8mm 0.385
05A55 55 143.5mm 140.13mm 14mm 2.8mm 0.400
05A56 56 146.0mm 142.68mm 14mm 2.8mm 0.425
05A57 57 148.6mm 145.22mm 14mm 2.8mm 0.450
05A58 58 151.0mm 147.77mm 14mm 2.8mm 0.465
05A59 59 153.6mm 150.31mm 14mm 2.8mm 0.490
05A60 60 156.2mm 152.85mm 14mm 2.8mm 0.500
05A62 62 162.0mm 157.95mm 16mm 2.8mm 0.520
05A64 64 167.1mm 163.04mm 16mm 2.8mm 0.550
05A65 65 169.2mm 165.58mm 16mm 2.8mm 0.620
05A66 66 172.2mm 168.13mm 16mm 2.8mm 0.650
05A68 68 177.3mm 173.22mm 16mm 2.8mm 0.680
05A70 70 182.4mm 178.31mm 20mm 2.8mm 0.730
05A72 72 187.5mm 183.41mm 20mm 2.8mm 0.800
05A75 75 195.1mm 191.04mm 20mm 2.8mm 0.820
05A76 76 197.7mm 193.59mm 20mm 2.8mm 0.850
05A78 78 202.8mm 198.68mm 20mm 2.8mm 0.870
05A80 80 207.9mm 203.77mm 20mm 2.8mm 0.800
005A85 85 220.6mm 216.50mm 20mm 2.8mm 1.070
05A90 90 233.4mm 229.23mm 20mm 2.8mm 1.210
05A95 95 246.1mm 241.96mm 20mm 2.8mm 1.325
05A100 100 258.9mm 254.68mm 20mm 2.8mm 1.535
05A110 110 284.3mm 280.15mm 20mm 2.8mm 1.600
05A114 114 294.5mm 290.33mm 20mm 2.8mm 1.700
05A120 120 310.0mm 305.61mm 20mm 2.8mm 1.800
05A125 125 322.5mm 318.34mm 20mm 2.8mm 1.900

>> 05B Chain B Type Sprockets

Sprocket Size Outside Diameter (OD) Pitch Diameter (PD) Hub Diameter (H) Stock Bore (ID) Length Thru Bore (L) Thickness (T) Weight (kg)
05B8 24.0mm 20.90mm 13mm 6mm 12mm 2.8mm 0.02
05B9 26.6mm 23.39mm 15mm 6mm 12mm 2.8mm 0.02
05B10 29.2mm 25.89mm 17mm 8mm 12mm 2.8mm 0.02
05B11 31.7mm 28.39mm 18mm 8mm 13mm 2.8mm 0.03
05B12 34.2mm 30.91mm 20mm 8mm 13mm 2.8mm 0.03
05B13 36.7mm 33.42mm 23mm 8mm 13mm 2.8mm 0.05
05B14 39.2mm 35.95mm 25mm 8mm 13mm 2.8mm 0.05
05B15 41.7mm 38.48mm 28mm 8mm 13mm 2.8mm 0.07
05B16 44.3mm 41.01mm 30mm 8mm 14mm 2.8mm 0.08
05B17 46.8mm 43.53mm 30mm 8mm 14mm 2.8mm 0.08
05B18 49.3mm 46.07mm 30mm 8mm 14mm 2.8mm 0.09
05B19 51.9mm 48.61mm 30mm 8mm 14mm 2.8mm 0.09
05B20 54.4mm 51.14mm 30mm 8mm 14mm 2.8mm 0.10
05B21 57.0mm 53.67mm 35mm 8mm 14mm 2.8mm 0.12
05B22 59.5mm 56.21mm 35mm 8mm 14mm 2.8mm 0.13
05B23 62.0mm 58.75mm 35mm 8mm 14mm 2.8mm 0.14
05B24 64.6mm 61.29mm 35mm 8mm 14mm 2.8mm 0.14
05B25 67.5mm 63.83mm 35mm 8mm 14mm 2.8mm 0.14
05B26 69.5mm 66.37mm 40mm 10mm 16mm 2.8mm 0.14
05B27 72.2mm 68.91mm 40mm 10mm 16mm 2.8mm 0.20
05B28 74.8mm 71.45mm 40mm 10mm 16mm 2.8mm 0.21
05B29 77.3mm 73.99mm 40mm 10mm 16mm 2.8mm 0.21
05B30 79.8mm 76.53mm 40mm 10mm 16mm 2.8mm 0.22
05B31 82.4mm 79.08mm 40mm 10mm 16mm 2.8mm 0.22
05B32 84.9mm 81.61mm 40mm 10mm 16mm 2.8mm 0.24
05B33 87.5mm 84.16mm 40mm 10mm 16mm 2.8mm 0.24
05B34 90.0mm 86.70mm 40mm 10mm 16mm 2.8mm 0.24
05B35 92.5mm 89.24mm 40mm 10mm 16mm 2.8mm 0.24
05B36 95.0mm 91.79mm 40mm 10mm 16mm 2.8mm 0.24
05B37 97.6mm 94.33mm 40mm 10mm 16mm 2.8mm 0.24
05B38 100.2mm 96.88mm 40mm 10mm 16mm 2.8mm 0.28
05B39 102.7mm 99.42mm 40mm 10mm 16mm 2.8mm 0.28
05B40 105.3mm 101.97mm 40mm 10mm 16mm 2.8mm 0.28
05B45 118.0mm 114.69mm 60mm 12mm 20mm 2.8mm 0.88
05B50 130.7mm 127.41mm 60mm 12mm 20mm 2.8mm 0.88
05B57 146.8mm 145.22mm 80mm 14mm 20mm 2.8mm 1.20

Standard configurations for these sprockets include A-Plate and B-Hub (hub on 1 side), while stock bores will range from 5mm up to 20mm and outside diameters range from 24mm to 322.5mm. We also supply finished bore/ bore to size sprockets from our in-house machine shop. To get a quote or for additional information please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

What We Do
01 Service
Granville helps customers transmit mechanical power with abroad offering of  power translocation components, and systems for automotive and various Industrial applications.
>Whether your Industry is involved in agriculture, construction, automobiles, food, mining, oil & gas, or metal handling, Granville can meet your needs with the exact transmission you need, when you need it.
>On-going research and development efforts allow Granville to continuously improve quality, enhance production processes, and add value.
02 Related Product Ranges

1 Driving Chains
2 Conveyor Chains
3 Auto, Bicycle & Motorcycle Chains
4 Leaf & Hoising Chains
5 Sprockets(This Page)
6 Gears
7 Synchronous Sprockets
8 Sheaves
9 Couplings

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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

To be negotiated
Standard Or Nonstandard: Standard
Application: Motor, Electric Cars, Motorcycle, Machinery, Marine, Toy, Agricultural Machinery, Car
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
US$ 0/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


Order Sample

GIL 05A10 Sprocket


Customized Request

wheel sprocket

Safety Precautions for Working with wheel sprocket Systems

Working with wheel sprocket systems involves potential hazards, and it’s essential to follow safety precautions to prevent accidents and injuries. Here are some safety measures to consider:

  • Proper Training: Ensure that anyone working with the wheel sprocket systems is adequately trained in their operation, maintenance, and safety procedures.
  • Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Always wear appropriate PPE, such as safety glasses, gloves, and protective clothing, to protect against potential hazards.
  • Lockout/Tagout: Before performing any maintenance or repair work on the system, follow lockout/tagout procedures to prevent accidental startup or energization.
  • Keep Work Area Clean: Maintain a clean work area and remove any debris or obstacles that could interfere with the operation of the system.
  • Inspect Regularly: Regularly inspect the wheels, sprockets, and chains for signs of wear, damage, or misalignment. Address any issues promptly.
  • Ensure Proper Lubrication: Adequate lubrication of the sprockets and chains is crucial for smooth operation and to reduce friction and wear.
  • Check Tension: Verify that the chain tension is within the recommended range. Too loose or too tight tension can lead to operational problems.
  • Avoid Loose Clothing: Keep long hair, loose clothing, and jewelry away from moving parts to avoid entanglement.
  • Follow Manufacturer’s Guidelines: Adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for installation, operation, and maintenance of the wheel sprocket system.
  • Use Guards and Enclosures: Install appropriate guards and enclosures to protect against contact with moving parts.
  • Safe Handling: When transporting or handling heavy wheels or sprockets, use proper lifting techniques and equipment.

Prioritizing safety when working with wheel sprocket systems is essential to prevent accidents and maintain a safe working environment. Always be vigilant, follow safety protocols, and address any concerns promptly to ensure the well-being of everyone involved.

wheel sprocket

Using a Belt Sprocket in Place of a Chain Sprocket with a Wheel

Yes, in many cases, a belt sprocket can be used in place of a chain sprocket with a wheel, provided that the system is designed to accommodate the change.

Both chain sprockets and belt sprockets serve the same fundamental purpose of transferring rotational motion and power between the wheel and the driven component. However, there are some important considerations to keep in mind when replacing a chain sprocket with a belt sprocket:

  • Alignment: Belt sprockets and chain sprockets must be aligned properly with the wheel to ensure smooth and efficient power transmission. Any misalignment can cause premature wear and reduce the system’s overall performance.
  • Tension: Chain-driven systems require specific tension to prevent slack and maintain proper engagement between the sprockets and the chain. Belt-driven systems, on the other hand, require appropriate tension to prevent slippage. Ensuring the correct tension for the specific type of sprocket is crucial for reliable operation.
  • Load Capacity: Consider the load capacity and torque requirements of the system when selecting a belt sprocket. Belt sprockets may have different load-carrying capabilities compared to chain sprockets, and using the wrong type can lead to premature wear or failure.
  • Speed and RPM: Belt-driven systems may have different operating speeds and RPM limits compared to chain-driven systems. Ensure that the selected belt sprocket can handle the desired rotational speed without exceeding its design limitations.
  • System Design: Changing from a chain-driven system to a belt-driven system (or vice versa) may require modifications to the overall system design, including the size of the sprockets and the layout of the system. Consult with an engineer or a qualified professional to ensure that the replacement is appropriate and safe.

Overall, replacing a chain sprocket with a belt sprocket can be a viable option in certain applications. However, it’s essential to consider the factors mentioned above and evaluate the compatibility of the new sprocket with the existing system to achieve optimal performance and longevity.

wheel sprocket

Working Principle of a wheel sprocket System

In a wheel sprocket system, the sprocket is a toothed wheel that meshes with a chain or a belt to transmit rotational motion and power from one component to another. The working principle can be explained in the following steps:

1. Power Input:

The system begins with a power input source, such as an electric motor or an engine, that generates rotational motion or torque.

2. Sprocket and Chain/Belt:

The power is transferred to the sprocket, which is mounted on a shaft. The sprocket has teeth that fit into the gaps of the chain or engage with the teeth of the belt.

3. Chain/Belt Movement:

As the sprocket rotates, it pulls the chain or belt along with it due to the engagement between the teeth. This movement is transmitted to the connected component, which could be another sprocket, a wheel, or any other part of the machinery.

4. Power Output:

The rotational motion or power is then delivered to the connected component, which performs a specific function depending on the application. For example, the power could be used to drive a conveyor belt, rotate the wheels of a vehicle, or operate various industrial machines.

5. Speed and Torque:

The size of the sprocket and the number of teeth, along with the size of the chain or belt, determine the speed and torque ratio between the input and output components. Changing the size of the sprocket or using different-sized sprockets in the system can alter the speed and torque characteristics of the machinery.

6. Efficiency and Maintenance:

Efficient power transmission relies on proper alignment and tension of the chain or belt with the sprocket. Regular maintenance, such as lubrication and inspection, is essential to ensure smooth operation and prevent premature wear or damage to the system.

The wheel sprocket system is widely used in various applications, including bicycles, motorcycles, industrial machinery, agricultural equipment, and more, where efficient power transmission and motion control are required.

China manufacturer 05A10/05B10 Series Plate/Bossed Roller Chain Sprockets for Wheel/Car/Gear/Agriculture/Construction Machine/Motorcycle  China manufacturer 05A10/05B10 Series Plate/Bossed Roller Chain Sprockets for Wheel/Car/Gear/Agriculture/Construction Machine/Motorcycle
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