China Custom Powder Metallurgy Parts Sintered Metal Auto Sprocket Wheel, Auto Sprocket Wheell 12v air compressor

China Custom Powder Metallurgy Parts Sintered Metal Auto Sprocket Wheel

China Custom Powder Metallurgy Parts Sintered Metal Auto Sprocket Wheel

Discover the highest quality powder metallurgy parts and sintered metal auto sprocket wheels crafted with precision and care. Our products offer cost-effective solutions and exceptional performance for various industrial applications.

Product Description

Excellent Powder Metallurgy Metallic Sintered Parts

We provide an extensive range of powder metallurgy parts, including iron-based and copper-based components. With superior quality and competitive pricing, all you need to do is share your drawings or samples with us, and we will tailor the products to your specifications. Feel free to contact us for top-notch products and unparalleled service. Thank you!

How We Work with Our Clients

1. For design experts or large companies with their own engineering teams: Please send a complete RFQ pack, including drawings, 3D models, quantities, and pictures.

2. For start-up company owners or those new to engineering: Simply share your idea, even if you are unfamiliar with casting.

3. Our sales team will respond within 24 hours to confirm further details and provide an estimated quote time.

4. Our engineering team will evaluate your inquiry and deliver our offer within 1-3 working days.

5. We can arrange a technical communication meeting with our engineers at any time upon request.

Specification Detail
Place of origin: Jiangsu, China
Type: Powder metallurgy sintering
Spare parts type: Powder metallurgy parts
Machinery Test Report: Provided
Material: Iron, stainless steel, copper
Key selling points: Quality assurance
Mould type: Tungsten steel
Material standard: MPIF 35, DIN 3571, JIS Z 2550
Application: Small home appliances, locksets, electric tools, automobiles
Brand Name: OEM Service
Plating: Customized
After-sales Service: Online support
Processing: Powder metallurgy, CNC machining
Powder Metallurgy: High-frequency quenching, oil immersion
Quality Control: 100% inspection

The Advantages of Powder Metallurgy Process

1. Cost-effective: The final products can be compacted using powder metallurgy methods, eliminating or reducing machining processes, saving material, and reducing production costs.

2. Complex shapes: Powder metallurgy allows the creation of complex shapes directly from the compacting tooling without any machining operations, such as teeth, splines, profiles, and frontal geometries.

3. High precision: Achievable tolerances in the perpendicular direction of compacting are typically IT 8-9 as sintered, improvable up to IT 5-7 after sizing. Additional machining operations can further enhance precision.

4. Self-lubrication: The interconnected porosity of the material can be filled with oils, creating a self-lubricating bearing. The oil provides constant lubrication between the bearing and shaft, eliminating the need for additional external lubricants.

5. Green technology: The manufacturing process of sintered components is certified as ecological. Material waste is minimal, the product is recyclable, and energy efficiency is high as the material is not molten.


Q1: What is the type of payment?

A: Usually, a prepayment of 50% of the total amount is required. The balance should be paid off before shipment.

Q2: How do you guarantee high quality?

A: We perform a 100% inspection. We have Carl Zeiss high-precision testing equipment and a dedicated testing department to ensure every product meets size, appearance, and pressure test standards.

Q3: How long will it take for you to reply to my inquiry?

A: We will contact you within 12 hours as soon as possible.

Q4: What is your delivery time?

A: Generally, it takes 25 to 35 days after receiving your advance payment. The exact delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order. If the item is non-standard, an extra 10-15 days may be required for tooling/mold creation.

Q5: Can you produce according to samples or drawings?

A: Yes, we can produce based on your samples or technical drawings. We can create the molds and fixtures necessary for production.

Other Products Offered by EVER-POWER GROUP

In addition to powder metallurgy parts, EVER-POWER GROUP supplies various industrial products, including agricultural gearboxes, power output shafts, sprockets, fluid couplings, worm gear reducers, gears and racks, roller chains, pulleys, planetary gearboxes, timing pulleys, and bushings. We prioritize high-quality products, competitive prices, and excellent service. Custom drawings and samples are welcome. Explore our diverse product range and find the perfect solution for your needs.

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Performance Characteristics of Wheel Sprocket

Wheel sprockets play a pivotal role in the transmission of mechanical power across various applications. Below are the key performance characteristics of wheel sprockets:


Wheel sprockets are designed to withstand extensive wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding conditions.


They ensure efficient power transfer with minimal loss, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the machinery.


Our replacement wheel sprockets are engineered to perfectly adapt to original spare parts, maintaining seamless functionality.


Ease of maintenance is a crucial feature, allowing for quick replacements and minimal downtime.

Types and Characteristics of Wheel Sprocket

Wheel sprockets come in various types, each tailored for specific applications:

Simplex Sprockets

Simplex sprockets are used in single-strand chain systems and are ideal for light to moderate load applications.

Duplex Sprockets

These are utilized in double-strand chain systems, offering enhanced strength and durability for heavier loads.

Triplex Sprockets

Triplex sprockets are designed for triple-strand chain systems, providing superior load-bearing capacity for industrial machinery.

Different materials used in the manufacturing of wheel sprockets also contribute to their unique characteristics:

Steel Sprockets

Steel sprockets are known for their high strength and durability, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Aluminum Sprockets

Aluminum sprockets are lightweight and resistant to corrosion, ideal for applications where weight reduction is critical.

Plastic Sprockets

Plastic sprockets offer excellent corrosion resistance and are suitable for light-load applications.

Applications of Wheel Sprocket in Various Fields

The versatility of wheel sprockets is evident across multiple industries:

Bicycles and Motorcycles

In bicycles and motorcycles, wheel sprockets are essential for the transmission of power from the pedals or engine to the wheels, ensuring smooth and efficient movement.

Automotive Industry

Wheel sprockets are integral to the timing systems in engines, ensuring the synchronization of camshaft and crankshaft operation.

Industrial Machinery

In industrial machinery, sprockets facilitate the transfer of mechanical power in conveyor systems, enhancing productivity.

Agricultural Equipment

Wheel sprockets are crucial in agricultural machinery for driving various components, such as threshers and balers.

Construction Equipment

In construction equipment, sprockets enable the efficient operation of machinery such as excavators and loaders.

Future Development Trends and Opportunities of Wheel Sprocket Products

The wheel sprocket industry is poised for significant advancements and growth. Key trends and opportunities include:

Integration of Advanced Materials

The use of advanced materials like composites and alloys will enhance the performance and longevity of wheel sprockets.

Technological Innovations

Innovations in manufacturing processes, such as 3D printing, will allow for more precise and customizable sprocket designs.


The focus on sustainable materials and manufacturing practices will drive the development of environmentally friendly sprockets.

Expanding Applications

The increasing adoption of automation and robotics in various industries will create new opportunities for wheel sprockets.

How to Choose a Suitable Wheel Sprocket

Selecting the right wheel sprocket involves several considerations:

Clear Requirements

Identify the specific requirements of your application, including load capacity and operational environment.

Material Selection

Choose the appropriate material based on the desired strength, weight, and corrosion resistance.

Design Optimization

Opt for sprocket designs that enhance performance and efficiency in your specific application.

Suppliers and After-Sales Service

Select reputable suppliers who offer reliable after-sales support and services.


Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the sprocket considering both the initial price and the long-term maintenance costs.

Quality Control

Ensure that the sprockets meet stringent quality standards for optimal performance and durability.


Wheel sprockets are indispensable components in various mechanical systems, ensuring the efficient transfer of power. Understanding their performance characteristics, types, applications, and future trends can aid in selecting the right sprocket for your needs. By considering factors such as material selection, design optimization, and supplier reliability, you can make informed decisions that enhance the longevity and efficiency of your machinery.

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